GPU updates

Ethereum mining info.  R9 295X2 8Gb mines 58Mh/s with claymore miner.  Possibly similar performance to W9100/S10000, but with higher power requirements.  Possibly around $12/day at current ETH prices.

295×2 stats for various algorithms

  • Blake256(Vanilla) 6.6Gh/s
  • Neoscript 800Kh/s
  • X15 10Mh/s
  • Keccak 500Mh/s
  • X13 13Mh/s
  • X11 30 Mh/s
  • Qubit 31Mh/s
  • Lyra2Rev2 33Mh/s
  • Quark 40Mh/s
  • Ethereum 57 Mh/s
  • Scrypt 1.7 Mh/s

msi afterburner going into settings and disabling ULPS search disable ULPS on google and that causes tons of issues with multi GPU’s


AMD OpenCL drivers are

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